TobiWan backlisted by Beyond the Summit


TobiWan backlisted by Beyond the Summit

CMD368 – Toby “TobiWan” Dawson, one of the most important shout casters in the Dota 2 commentary scene, is one of the figures targeted by the recent wave of harassment and sexual misconduct scandal.


Following several allegations from women from the Dota 2 community who claim that they were sexually harassed by TobiWan in the past, Beyond the Summit co-owner, David “LD” Gorman announced on Twitter that the North American production studio won’t be collaborating with TobiWan anymore.

TobiWan earlier issued a statement which is now been deleted in attempt to control the situation. This move quickly backfired when the Dota 2 community quickly acknowledge and address the persons he mistreated over the years. As a result, TobiWan posted a second TweetLonger in which he named names, where he could, and recounted his version of the facts with targeted apologies for each specific situation. The entire post can be red below.

Things doesn’t seem to get any easier as the situation escalated once again when Dota cosplayer Meruna declared in a Tweet post of her own that she was not contacted by Tobiwan and stated the following: “The person who could not take “No” for an answer and initiated sexual activity with me against my clear and repeated wishes is Toby “TobiWan” Dawson.”

What makes this situation even more painful is the fact that Meruna is in a long-term relationship with Troels “syndereN” Nielsen, with whom Tobi formed an iconic casting duo starting all the way back at The International 2012.

The Dota community is slowly becoming more aware of just how dark of a place it is for a lot of women. But people like Cap, syndereN, and others pushing for everyone to listen to victims and try to understand how difficult it is to come out with their personal stories are starting to make a real difference.

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