takes down Team Liquid to win Dota 2 Summit 13 Europe and CIS title

NEWS takes down Team Liquid to win Dota 2 Summit 13 Europe and CIS title

CMD368 – have been one of the teams to watch in the European Dota 2 scene after challenging some of the best rosters in the world on equal footing. They have once again proved that no one can sleep on their lineup in any competition after taking down Team Liquid in the grand finals of Dota Summit 13’s EU/CIS region.

While are definitely a team on the rise, a top dog of the Europe and CIS competitions this year, as many have called them, Team Liquid were regarded as the favorites at the BTS Summit 13 title. They started the best-of-five series with a signature Oracle for their captain Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi and a carry Anti-Mage, a mid Storm Spirit and an overall highly mobile line-up to which had no real lockdowns besides a Sven. That became a big issue for them and had to admit defeat after a couple of team-fights and failed skirmishes where no Liquid heroes have gone down.

The lack of reliable stuns from game one was turned with a massive control draft in the next match-up by, who took out of the picture the Oracle and crushed Liquid with a mix of minus armor, slows and stun spells to even the series. Moving into the third game of the night they continued to focus iNSaNiA and Michael “miCKe” Vu with their bans, forcing Liquid to draft outside their comfort zone.

Nonetheless, the third game was a continuous back and forth battle, with miCKe doing his best to be a nuisance on a carry Slardar, but his initiations were most of the times countered by with a support Vengeful Spirit and Io, and turned into victories courtesy of a carry Medusa. The same Medusa-Venge safe lane duo ensured a fast paced last game of the series, countering Liquid’s Phantom Assassin-Magnus powerful combo. The game went down in under 30 minutes, which was not enough for miCKe to become a monster carry and push the series into a decisive game five.

Both and Team Liquid will have another chance at fighting each other starting next week when the main event of EPIC League is set to begin. Until then, the Dota Summit 13 finals day continues with Quincy Crew and 4FUN fighting for the Americas title.

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