are the Champions of Epic League after an amazing series

NEWS are the Champions of Epic League after an amazing series

CMD368 – EPIC League came to an end today, and after we witnessed Alliance winning the Division 2 event, it was time for the grand final of Division 1 with OG taking on

While OG’s group stage of EPIC League Division 1 was almost a complete disaster, the team squeezed through into the playoff stage and begun a monumental lower bracket run. Dropping just one game in the four lower bracket series, OG blasted their way through into the grand finals where they hoped to claim their first tournament victory of 2020 besides a qualifier victory back in February. For, their essentially new roster, which is the ex-VP.Prodigy squad, was only signed a little over a month ago and had already shown their strength against some of the biggest teams in the world – and were now hungry for a championship.

Game one was an absolute slaughter, as VP destroyed OG across the map, never really allowing their opponent a moment to breath. Although the game lasted 42-minutes, VP wracked up an impressive 47 kills – while OG barely scrapped into the double digits with a measly 10. Picking up the Morphling for Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen again in game two, OG seemed almost desperate to make the hero and its combinations work as it did yesterday – and this time, it did. Although VP were able to make some fancy plays with Vitalie “Save-“ Melnic stealing and utilizing the perfect Black Hole, it was not enough to fight back against OG’s lineup as the series was tied at 1-1.

It was a magnificent showing from OG in game three as they, once again, picked up the Morphling and Earth Spirit – and destroyed VP swiftly. It took only 18-minutes for the game to be done as VP only managed four total kills and went down 1-2 in the series, giving OG championship point.

With the tournament slipping away from them, VP turned to the ban on Morphling, leaving OG to pick up an Ancient Apparition for the mid-lane, which was possibly not the go-to pick with an Ursa from VP running at them. It was, once again, some beautiful plays from Save- on Rubick to secure the game for VP as the series moved to a decisive and final game five.

With only one game standing in the way of one of the two teams becoming champions of EPIC League Division 1, the final battle was intense. Although VP seemed to have control, OG were not a team to ever give up as they dragged the game through to over 40-minutes. However, without many kills to show, OG eventually succumbed as the Ancient fell. With that, secured an absolutely fantastic 3-2 grand final victory over OG and became the champions of EPIC League.

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