sweep fnatic to win cs_summit 7 earning their third throphy

NEWS sweep fnatic to win cs_summit 7 earning their third throphy

CMD368 – defeated fnatic 2-0 to take home the lion’s share of the $200,000 prize pool at cs_summit 7. The team went undefeated in their tournament run, not dropping a single map on their way to their $90,000 first place reward. This was’s third title in a row after winning FLASHPOINT 2, DreamHack Open December, and now cs_summit 7.

The series kicked off in tight fashion with an 8-7 halftime lead on Inferno favoring the CIS squad. Things would remain relatively close until the end when Mareks “YEKINDAR” Gaļinskis and company’s defense held strong to take the map 16-14. YEKINDAR would finish the series with a +11 kill-to-death differential and a server high 95.1 average damage per round.

Although initially appearing to mimic map one, map two would prove far less contested after the 8-7 half as fnatic were only able to grab one more round. A 16-8 score on Vertigo would seal the deal for, crowning them cs_summit 7 champions.

Here are the CS_Summit 7 final Standings and prize money:

1. Virtus Pro – $ 100,000

2. Fnatic – $ 50,000

3-4. Mousesports – $ 22,500

3-4. Heroic – $17,500

5-8. OG – $5,000

5-8. Cloud 9

5-8. NIP

9-10. MIBR

9-10. Dignitas

11-12. FaZe

11-12. Complexity

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