Worlds 2020 best of the best: Top 10 player rankings


Worlds 2020 best of the best: Top 10 player rankings

CMD368 – After months of hard work, the best teams across each region have finally earned their place at one of the biggest esports events of the year: the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed the fall of legends, the triumphant rise of new kings, and the start of new dynasties. In a similar way, we’ve also seen the rise and fall of many superstar players across the globe. And in 2020, several new faces have assumed their place among the best. It’s always tough to judge and create a list of the top 10 players at Worlds since all of these competitors are defining members of their team—and their region as a whole. They’ll be some of the biggest factors in their team’s success and fans should watch them as the Worlds 2020 tournament rages on.

Worlds 2020

From fiery new phenoms who have taken the League community by storm to veteran stars who are ready to prove themselves once more, here are our picks for the 10 best players heading into Worlds 2020.

10) Top Esports’ JackeyLove. JackeyLove is one of the high-risk, high-reward ADCs that the LPL has to offer. He doesn’t settle for comfort and always looks for those heroic plays. Branded as one of the smartest ADCs in the LPL, JackeyLove is coming into this Worlds with a new team.

9) JD Gaming’s LvMao. One of the most underrated players coming into this tournament, LvMao has been defining the support meta and dominating the best bot laners in the world this year. He ensures that JDG has the safest objective control by securing vision long before an objective has even spawned.

8) Suning Gaming’s SofM. The 22-year-old Vietnamese jungle prodigy has been a centerpiece of Suning’s success this split. And while his stats aren’t stellar, his utility-oriented playstyle allows his teammates to shine.

7) Damwon Gaming’s Nuguri. Nuguri is one of the most innovative players the LCK has to offer. He’s one of the best top laners in the LCK, always finding unique ways to grab a victory from the jaws of defeat.

6) G2 Esports’ Caps. Caps, arguably the best player Europe has ever produced and the shining star on the most internationally successful European team, narrowly misses out on a top-five spot on our list. But that just shows the caliber of talent at this event and specifically the talent in the mid lane.

5) Gen.G’s Ruler. Ruler is one of only two AD carries to make this list—and he’s in the top five for good reason. One of the more experienced attendees of this year’s World Championship, Ruler has retained an unthinkably high level of performance throughout the entirety of his four-year career.

4) Damwon Gaming’s ShowMaker. Considered by many to be the second coming of Faker, ShowMaker is one of the most exciting talents to come out of the LCK in the past few years. Sitting front and center on the LCK’s most successful Summer Split team, he looked almost unstoppable this split.

3) DRX’s Chovy. Since his first appearance in 2019, many Western fans have been excited to see one of Korea’s fiery, young superstars in Chovy back in action at Worlds—and this past summer was the Chovy show for DRX.

2) Top Esports’ Karsa. While Karsa hasn’t been as flashy as his LPL counterparts, Karsa has settled in as the backbone of this powerhouse roster. His willingness to play a more supportive style of jungling has allowed the rest of his team to shine.

1) Top Esports’ Knight. Top Esports’ phenom in the mid lane has secured the top spot on our list for 2020. This past season, Knight put on a masterclass in his role among some of the best in the world. He played 18 champions across the 2020 Summer Split, led the league with 211 kills, according to League stats site Oracle’s Elixir, and he still managed to sport an impressive 7.2 KDA in a bloodthirsty region like the LPL.

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