Yellow Submarine destroys Nigma at ESL One Germany 2020


Yellow Submarine destroys Nigma at ESL One Germany 2020

CMD368 – ESL One Germany 2020’s round robin group stage action continued and saw one of the biggest upsets in the tournament with the Yellow Submarine name returning with a new roster after nearly 4 years.

ESL One Germany’s final day of round one Dota 2 action would end today, with three best-of-three series as the teams fought for the first time in the event. After Alliance took down the newcomers, EXTREMUM, it was time to see Team Nigma in action, with their famed captain, Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi, still out of action. Unfortunately for Nigma, they were also to be without Maroun “GH” Merhej for game one, for unknown reasons, and would require a secondary stand-in for the first game.

Yellow Submarine

We were ready for fireworks as soon as the series begun with Aliwi “w33” Omar grabbing a Meepo – which we all love to see. However, even in a first game that lasted nearly an hour, Yellow Submarine left Nigma in their dust, with a Faceless Void destroying everything in its path. But, with GH back for the next game, Nigma seemed to have better control, fighting their way into a nearly 10,000 net worth lead at one point – just before things went horribly wrong. The comeback begun a little after the half hour mark and ten minutes later, Nigma were far behind, as YeS pummeled them into the ground and ensured a huge upset.

With that, Yes took an intense 2-0 victory in their first series back into Dota 2 – and over a squad of extremely well-known players too. At the time of writing, one series is currently being played between Natus Vincere and Cyber Legacy as the first round of group stage round robin action comes to an end at ESL One Germany. It remains to be seen whether YeS can continue on in this manner, with their next matchup currently unconfirmed.

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